A freezer full of pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Top 10 Tips for Surviving Veganuary as a Dessert Lover

After the indulgence of the holiday season, it can be fun to challenge yourself to go vegan for the month of January. It even has a fun name: Veganuary! But, as a dessert lover, you might be worried about your late-night snack options. Have no fear! Check out our top 10 tips for surviving Veganuary as a tried-and-true dessert lover.

  1. Get friendly with your vegan, Non-Dairy options.

    So many Non-Dairy choices! And with our new oat-based recipe rolling out this year, the Non-Dairy section has never been more exciting.

  2. Find a great vegan cookie recipe.

    We are huge fans of the cookie ice cream sandwich. Find a great vegan cookie recipe and sandwich a scoop of your favourite Non-Dairy flavour between two cookies for an easy snack.

  3. Reserve a spot in your freezer for Non-Dairy.

    Non-Dairy parking only! Say a heartfelt goodbye to your dairy ice cream flavours and reassure them that you’ll be back in February. But for now, this is a Non-Dairy Only Zone.

  4. Perfect the vegan shake.

    Almond? Oat? Soy? Find the perfect dairy-free ingredients for a vegan shake when your day needs a sweet shake-up.

  5. Make ice cream bread using Non-Dairy.

    Don’t be fooled, ice cream bread is basically cake. Made with ice cream. Or Non-Dairy. Get the recipe here and give it a spin. 

  6. Have a date night at the Scoop Shop.

    Your local Scoop Shop has vegan options! Nothing says “I’m into you” like sharing a cone with your special someone.

  7. Top it like it’s hot.

    Jazz up even the jazziest of Non-Dairy flavours with your favourite vegan toppings. Look for vegan chocolate and caramel drizzles, pretzels, sprinkles, and more. Don’t forget the cherry!

  8. Keep it à la mode.

    Vegan pies don’t have to lose their sweet topping! Pop a scoop of Non-Dairy on top of your slice of vegan chocolate “cream” pie and enjoy.

  9. Make it a mochi day.

    Love those tasty ice cream bites surrounded by sweet rice dough? There’s no reason they can’t be vegan! Make some using your favourite Non-Dairy flavour for a mouthwatering treat.

  10. Keep calm and dessert on.

    At the end of the day, dessert is a state of mind. A moment of pleasure and relaxation at the end of the day that reminds us that life is sweet. Deleting the dairy doesn’t change any of that. Happy Veganuary, friends.