10 Weird And Wonderful Flavours From Around the World

Did you know that you can get Ben & Jerry’s in 38 countries around the world? Yeah, really. Start booking your plane tickets, because there are even some flavours that you can only get in certain countries around the world. Like these 10 euphoric concoctions:

  1. Cone Together

    Fans in Europe  are loving this pint featuring vanilla ice cream with chocolatey coated waffle cone pieces and a salted caramel swirl. Even sweeter? This flavour urges fans to join us in asking European leaders to give vulnerable refugees a safe place to call home.

  2. My Cherry Amour

    Fans of Cherry Garcia are going to love this one. Available in mini-cups in Japan, My Cherry Amour features white chocolate ice cream with cherries and white chocolate cups. 

  3. Birthday Cake

    This year marks our 42nd birthday! That’s 42 years of peace, love, and ice cream euphoria. The UK is celebrating with this pint featuring vanilla cake batter ice cream, pink frosting, strawberry swirls, and cake pieces. Happy birthday to us!

  4. Pint Slices

    Ever wish you could take  a scoop of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavour and cover it in chocolate  for an even more euphoric dessert experience? In the US, fans don’t even need a spoon to enjoy these — they can grab ta Pint Slice, chocolatey-coated ice cream that comes in 7 flavours!

  5. Everything But The…

    In the US, when you can't decide which chunk is your favourite you can reach for Everything But The…: a collision of chocolate and vanilla ice creams mixed with peanut butter cups, fudge-covered toffee pieces, white chocolatey chunks and fudge covered almonds. Talk about a show-stopper!

  6. Banana Whiskey Foster

    Banana lovers, get ready to be jealous: caramelized banana ice cream & butterscotch toffee pieces. Now that’s some whiskey business.

  7. Cookie Carnival

    Can you tell we have a thing for cookies around here? Over in Japan, fans are digging into Cookie Carnival, featuring vanilla ice cream, vanilla cookie pieces, and chocolate cookie pieces.

  8. Topped Lineup

    Tired of making your own sundaes? Pop on over to the UK, where there are 4 Topped flavours, each featuring its own spoonable topping. It’s a sundae in a pint, and it’s euphoric from top to bottom.

  9. Chocolate & Nutz

    We love chocolate, and we love nuts — er, nutz — so this combination of chocolate ice cream, white fudge, dark chocolate fudge, and walnuts is a total winner. Too bad we have to pack our bags and brush up on our Japanese to get some.

  10. Ginger Rum

    Is there rum for one more? There is if it’s Ginger Rum, a delightful concoction of ginger rum ice cream and lime candy pieces. It’s zesty and zippy and oh-so-euphoric.