The 18 Best Flavour Suggestions of All Time


Like a bolt of lightning or an unexpected case of the giggles, inspiration can appear suddenly, fiercely, uncontrollably (and if we have anything to do with it), chunkily. Sometimes these moments of inspiration can produce ideas that were better left inside the interior of one’s cranium, but sometimes the ideas turn out to be some sort of heavenly combination of outlandish yet indescribably brilliant. Many of the flavour ideas that have made their way from our fan’s imaginations into our inbox (or back in the day into our suggestion box) have been the latter…indescribably brilliant as well as forehead-smackingly bonkers! They do say madness is genius. Or is it genius is madness. Or is it menius is gadness.  

Well whichever it is, and without further adough, here are the 15 best flavour suggestions we’ve ever had the pleasure of receiving:

  1. Gregarious Gorgonzola:

    Dark chocolate ice cream with raspberry jam and gorgonzola cheese.

  2. Pepperoni:

    Vanilla ice cream with candied pepperoni chunks.

  3. Salty Licorice:

    Vanilla ice cream with swirls of sweet and salty licorice to create an amazing black-and-white striped experience.

  4. Tequila Sunrise:

    Vanilla ice cream with coconuts, oranges, agave, pineapple, graham cracker, chocolate swirls, and a hint of tequila.

  5. When Life Gives You Lemons:

    Vanilla or lemon ice cream with a graham cracker swirl and lemon curds.

  6. Breakfast in Bed

    Maple ice cream with fluffy pancake chunks, salty bacon bits (chocolate covered if need be) and a maple syrup swirl.

  7. Mac and Freeze:

    Macaroni ice cream.

  8. Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy:

    Salted caramel IPA ice cream with hops chunks.

  9. Spuds and Fudge:

    Chocolate ice cream with bits of candied French fries.

  10. White Wedding:

    White chocolate ice cream with chunks of white wedding cake laced with white frosting.

  11. The French Revolution:

    French vanilla ice cream with a whipped sweet cream swirl and chunks of buttery croissant.

  12. Wake and Bacon:

    Vanilla ice cream with maple syrup swirls and bacon bits.

  13. Witch's Brew:

    Pumpkin ice cream with a caramel apple core and bits of candy corn and gingersnap cookies.

  14. Pardon My French Toast:

    Salted maple caramel ice cream with pieces of cinnamon-sugar-coated French toast and gooey swirls of chocolate caramel fudge sauce.

  15. Unicorn Poop:

    Vanilla ice cream with cotton candy swirls, sugar cookie crumbles, rainbow sprinkles, and edible sparkles.

  16. Squirrel Swirl:

    Vanilla cinnamon ice cream with chunks of hazelnut, pecans, and walnuts.

  17. Cookie Dough

    Yep, that’s right. Our most iconic flavour ever was a fan’s idea. 

  18. Cherry Garcia:

    Same with this little diddy! An inspired fan was behind this legendary flavour. 


Think you've got an ice cream flavor idea that's the next Cherry Garcia? We'd love to hear it! Send it to us here!