3 Vegan Dessert Recipes to Impress Your Friends With

We don’t know about you, but we love making new recipes to share with our crew. After all, as amazing as it is to whip up a new creation to enjoy yourself, it’s even better to be able to see your friends’ faces light up with delight as they dive into a treat that you crafted with your own two hands.

So imagine their amazement when you tell them that these three dessert recipes aren’t only euphoric to the max, they’re also . . . vegan! That’s right, these treats are completely dairy-free, so everyone can enjoy them. 

Which one will you make first?

  1. Vegan Fancy Fudge Pops

    The best part of these totally Instagram-ready Vegan Fancy Fudge Pops? It’s not the fudge (although, whoa), or that they’re easily portable, or even that they’re made with the oh-so-delightful Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Non-Dairy. It’s that they’re totally customizable! Top ‘em with whatever your heart desires, from nuts to popcorn to caramel drizzle! Recipe here >>

  2. PB & Jelly Vegan Swiss Roll

    Peanut butter and jelly are a match made in heaven. Whenever they get together — for lunch, a snack, or (our personal favorite) dessert — it’s always a raucous flavor party. And this PB & Jelly Vegan Swiss Roll is no different. Soft vegan bread wraps around Ben & Jerry’s PB & Cookies Non-Dairy and Cherry Garcia Non-Dairy, with a peanut butter and jelly drizzle to finish it off. Recipe here >>

  3. Vegan Layered Pint Cake

    Take this one on the go! This portable dessert is ready for any adventure, whether it’s a walk to the park or a ride down the street on your speedy skateboard. Dig into layers of vegan cake and Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy, savoring every layer of euphoric vegan goodness. Don’t worry about those jealous looks from strangers — they don’t know what they’re missing. Recipe here >>