Meet The Most Interesting Cow In The World

July 26, 2016

Meet the Ben & Jerry’s Cow:

Woody-STANDARD.jpg (Print)


You’ve probably seen this character around. Like on that pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough you’re digging into. Or around your local Scoop Shop. She's a part of the family around here, and when she’s not gallivanting around Scoop Shops and gracing pints all over the world, she can be found chilling out, being cooler than most of us could ever hope to be.


Why a Cow?

Being an ice cream company, cream is pretty important to us. So cows are pretty important to us. Back in the early days of Ben & Jerry’s, our co-founders absolutely wanted to use Vermont dairy – as we still do today – and developed close relationships with dairy farmers. So naturally, a cow became a great icon for the company.


The Man Behind the Moo

But this cow wasn’t always the Ben & Jerry’s cow. In the earliest days, the duo had a goofy cartoon cow that they used on their trucks and in advertisements, but they never thought it was quite right.

So, in 1983, they approached Woody Jackson, a beloved Vermont artist known for his stunning cow depictions to talk about a partnership. Always fond of supporting fellow Vermonters, Ben and Jerry were excited to work with Woody and upgrade their cow art to boot. The guys struck a deal, and this cow has been the face of Ben & Jerry's ever since.


A Little Known Fact

Surprise: the Ben & Jerry's cow is a female! Of course she is, she makes milk.


Our 17 Favorite Cow Moments

These are our favorite Ben & Jerry's cow moments from over the years. With all of her worldly travels, she’s definitely the most interesting cow in the world.

Like when she went music festivaling to urge music-lovers to take action on climate change:




Or when she went to the cinema and saw a familiar face:




When she dressed up as the Village People, for no particular reason:




When she was pumped about her new iPhone, even though we’re not sure how she used it with those hooves:


Woody-5.jpg (Woody Cow Holding iPhone)


When she got really into Renaissance art:




When she schooled us on the baseball diamond:




When she was feeling extra groovy:




When she got real about climate change:


Woody-9.jpg (if it's melted-GLOBAL)


That time she ran a marathon:




When she wanted to tell everyone how a-moo-zing our Caring Dairy program is:




When she knew that love is love, no matter what:




When she was so proud to cast her vote:


Woody-14.jpg (Print)


When she went diving for ice cream treasure:


Woody-15.jpg (19255dKioskBack1)

When she reminded us to keep the earth clean:


Woody-16.jpg (caring dairy picket)


When she went on an ice cream stake-out:



What cool things have you seen the Ben & Jerry's cow do over the years? Let us know in the comments below!