Who Dreams Up Our Fabulous Flavour Concoctions? Meet Chris.

April 1, 2015


How do you go from being a pre-Med student to having the most coveted job at Ben & Jerry’s? Here’s Flavour Guru Chris Rivard’s story.

Chris came to the University of Vermont over 10 years ago with an eye on medicine. “I had a terrible bedside manner, but I loved studying the science of people and nutrition,” Chris remembers. So Chris followed is heart (maybe to the relief of some patients) and dove into the science of how food affects our bodies. He double-majored in food science and dietetics with an emphasis on nutrition. When he wasn’t in the classroom, Chris was falling in love with the landscape of Vermont and the world class opportunities for getting out on his bikes.

So when we were looking for a new Flavour Guru to join our crack team of Foodies, Chris’s rigorous background in nutrition and his love for Vermont made him a perfect fit. That’s just part of the story of what makes a Flavour Guru. Learn more about Chris, the man behind some of your favorite flavours. Check out his video below: