Flavour Guru Andrea Ball: Bringing Ben & Jerry’s to the World

April 1, 2015


Can you imagine a life where every so often, you pack up, hop on a plane and go live and work in a totally different part of the world? Sound appealing? Maybe a little hard, too? It’s reality for our Flavour Guru Andrea.

“I love it. There are some things that are really hard about moving, but I love the cultural differences around the world. You learn a lot and it challenges you a lot.”.

Travel is in Andrea’s blood. Born in England, and raised in Australia, Andrea is well accustomed to being on the go. She spent a year and half traveling through Europe after university, she spent months in Nepal and Africa. Now with Ben & Jerry’s she’s working around the world, launching new flavours with local appeal in Australia, Japan, the Unites States, and now the English countryside.

“My favorite places are often wherever I am at the moment, with the people I’m with.”

Check out Andrea’s Flavour Guru story and learn more about her work and play in different parts of the world.