Awesome Things to do in Vermont During the Fall

flavorgraveyard-int-orange.pngWe’ve made a lot of euphoric flavours over the years, but, for better or worse, some of them have moved on to the great waffle cone in the sky. Tears of sadness are shed for our dearly de-pinted flavours, and we receive several thousand requests each year from our fans begging us to rein-cone-ate their favourite fallen flavour. Here are the most mourned of the bunch…and who knows? One of them may rise from the graveyard once again!


  1. oatmeal-cookie-chunk-ghost.png

    Oatmeal Cookie Chunk

    Sweet Cream Cinnamon Ice Cream with Chunks of Oatmeal Cookies & Fudge

    Limited Batch 2003
    Full-Time Flavour 2004-2012

    From the moment that this oatmeal went
    There’s been no end to fans’ lament.
    If you’d “sowed more oats” before the reap
    We wouldn’t have buried it quite so deep.

  2. dublin-mudslide-ghost.png

    Dublin Mudslide

    Irish Cream Liqueur Ice Cream with Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies & a Coffee Fudge Swirl

    Limited Batch 2004
    Full-Time Flavour 2005-2012

    How’d you get so stuck on this flavour?
    Oh, wait – you realized it just now:
    Mudsliding’s no fun
    When there’s no erin go wow.

  3. creme-brulee-ghost.png

    Crème Brûlée

    Sweet Custard Ice Cream with a Caramelized Sugar Swirl


    Pardon our French, but we still swear
    Our Crème Brûlée was beyond compare.
    We also swear we don’t know when
    The Crème de la Crème will rise again.

  4. brownie-batter-ghost.png

    Brownie Batter

    Brownie Batter Ice Cream with a Rich Brownie Batter Swirl


    Batter fans are all boo-hooing:
    What were we thinking? What’re we’re doing?
    Whatever Batter’s fate may be
    We’re gonna need a referee.

  5. festivus-ghost.png


    (the Flavour for the Rest of Us)

    Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ice Cream with Gingerbread Cookies
    & a Ginger-Caramel Swirl

    Limited Batch, Holiday Seasons 2000 & 2001

    Fans of TV comedy Seinfeld found this sassy batch as fun to eat as Seinfeld's classic Festivus episode is to watch. In fact, they loved it so much we did it again the following year, just in time to coincide with the seasonal re-run of the Seinfeld episode that started the whole “Festivus, the Holiday for the Rest of Us” frenzy.

    After we put Festivus’ name to rest, we brought the flavour back twice
    (as “Gingerbread Cookie” in 2004 and as “Gingersnap” in 2009).

  6. one-sweet-whirled-ghost.png

    Dave Matthews Band One Sweet Whirled

    Caramel and Coffee Ice Creams with Marshmallow & Caramel Swirls
    & Coffee Flavoured Fudge Chips


    Working hand in hand with the band
    Creating global warming awareness
    We kinda forgot about the flavour, in all fairness.

  7. vermonty-python-ghost.png

    Vermonty Python

    Coffee Liqueur Ice Cream with a Chocolate Cookie Crumb Swirl & Fudge Cows


    When they’re not pining for the fjords
    or playing “wink wink, nudge nudge,”
    Vermonty Python fans most love to “fetchez la vache”
    – especially vaches made of fudge.

  8. wavy-gravy-ghost.png

    Wavy Gravy

    Caramel cashew Brazil nut ice cream with a chocolate hazelnut fudge swirl & roasted almonds

    Thanks to fans who voted to “Raise a Flavour from the Graveyard,” the flavour re-appeared in scoop shops for a limited time in 2005.

    Just so there’s no confusion, we thought we oughtta warn ya:
    Wavy Gravy isn’t dead - he lives in California.
    No such luck for Wavy’s flavour, but we’ve been wrong before,
    We won’t give up the ghost if you won’t, so what’re you waiting for?

  9. dmb-magic-brownies-ghost.png

    Dave Matthews Band® Magic Brownies - Encore Edition 

    Black Raspberry Ice Cream Swirled with Sweet Cream Ice Cream & Fudgy Brownies


    Some thought the original “too vanilla”,
    so in 2006 we deep-sixed it
    Fans then declared it raspberrily better
    after we re-mixed it.

  10. coconut-almond-fudge-ghost.png

    Coconut Almond Fudge Chip

    Coconut Ice Cream with Fudge Chips & Roasted Almonds

    Revived in special “Flavour Flashback” pints 1998-2000
    Survived as a scoop shop-only flavour 2001-2009

    This coconutty contender
    Was just too good to surrender.
    Of the Graveyard’s legendariest,
    It’s among the temporariest.

  11. ghost-eating-a-pint.png

    A few parting words:

    The lawyers made us say this
    And for once we do agree:
    Graveyard flavours aren’t “D.O.A.”
    Instead, they’re “T.B.D.”*

    *To Be Dug up