Brownie Core Ice Cream Tiramisu Trifle

#CeleBakeSG with Ben & Jerry’s!

Drum roll for Ben & Jerry’s latest bake-tacular reason to celebrate, Brownie Batter Core ice cream!

To ring in the festivities the Ben & Jerry’s way, we’ve partnered Li Tying (@nglitying) from The Spatula & The Pen in this bake-tastic recipe that’s great for parties of one, ten or even a hundred!

What are you waiting for? Get your aprons ready and join in the cele-bake-tion!

Makes approximately 6-7 trifle cups


  • 1 pint Brownie Core ice cream (remove from freezer about 30min before assembly)
  • 1 pack of ladyfinger biscuits
  • Brewed coffee
  • Speculoos / any other fillings and toppings you like


  1. Fill your plastic cups about 1/3 full each with the ice cream.
  2. Dip each ladyfinger biscuit into your brewed coffee really quickly (as you don't want them to be soaked with coffee and risk losing its form!) then break them into halves / thirds and layer them on top of the ice cream.
  3. Add speculoos / fudge / caramel / any other toppings or fillings you might like in your trifle.
  4. Fill the cups with another layer of ice cream.
  5. Top your trifle off with another layer of coffee-soaked ladyfinger biscuits.
  6.  Freeze for 3- 4hours or overnight.