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  • Pints & Mini Cups

    Connect with our flavors!

    After months of top-secret research, hundreds of test batches and about a gazillion taste-tests, we’re thrilled to show you our eclectic collection of Ben & Jerry’s flavor creations.  Each has been crafted to delight your yin, your yang, or whatever you call it when you are looking for balance and bliss at the same time!

  • Scoop Shop Flavors

    Destination delicious!

    If you love Ben & Jerry's straight out of the pint you've only just begun to love Ben & Jerry's! Just one step into our Scoop Shop and you'll fall under the swirly spell of flavor euphoria! Whether it's homemade waffle cones, sundaes, shakes or smoothies... You'll always find an ice cream experience worthy of the trip.

  • Where to Find Us

    Find us here...

    Everybody loves to treat themselves to a Ben & Jerry's ice cream cone, but sometimes you just want to curl up at home in a comfy chair with a movie or a good book! Whatever you choose, we're here for you...

  • From Cow to Cone

    Sit back & enjoy!

    Our Cow to Cone moovie tells the story of how we make the best possible ice cream in the nicest possible way. From caring for our Friesian friends to scooping up sweet treats for you, it's a true ice cream odyssey, so...

  • Flavor Gurus

    Meet the Flavor Gurus!

    You've heard of these guys (and gal)! They spend hours and days tasting the worlds most otherworldly foods and desserts, then spend their days and weeks in the flavor lab working their magic.